News: Jason Mraz fans! Here ya go! Learn "I'm Yours"

Want to learn this great hit by one of the best? Tune into my easy to follow vids and you will be playing I'm Yours & many other tunes within hours. Read some comments from my students. Have taught 1000's of students from all over the World! When ya get to the site click on "ALL" for over 170 other tuts. Type in what you are looking just might be there or coming soon :)!  Also check out

News: Johnny Cash Fans...Learn "Folsom Prison Blues"

Here ya go... Folsom Prison Blues! Have had so many requests for this one. Now tune in and learn this well loved song introduced by "The Man in Black"!  You will be able to play in a few short hours by watching this easy to follow tutorial vid. I have taught 1000's of students from around the World. My lessons are now available to you for FREE. Go to my site and learn over 170 of the most sought after, popular songs. Also check out:

News: Guitar Lessons for Beginners!

Here you go! Guitar Lessons for Beginners: Everything you need to get started! All of the basics in easy to understand, easy to follow steps. I have taught 1000's of students. Let me show you the basic building blocks and watch how quickly you progress. Read remarks from other students and remember the best part it's FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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