News: Charts for over 170 Tunes!

Charts for over 170 Tunes!

Go to to find out how to order my ebook containing charts for over 170 tunes and constantly updating.

This will ROCKET your productivity and fun on the guitar!!!
Here is what I teach you!
 1. How to play many of the open chords and inversions that you will end up using over and over again, for nearly EVERY song! These are the chords that you MUST know to play millions of songs. YES millions! This will unlock your playing!
 2. How and when to use a capo so that you can play in every key and limit or avoid bar chords. I teach you how to transpose and teach you how to know what key you are in.
 3. Know your WHOLE fretboard! Know every note by name. I teach you the basics of music theory and how to construct scales and chords.
 4. How to strum all the popular strumming patterns from pop, rock, alternative, blues and country. My method will help you systematically conquer any strumming pattern that you are faced with.
 5. How to read chord charts so that you can chart songs on your own, or instantly play the charts that I provide(see below). Knowing this way of "reading" will allow you to interpret 100s of songs immediately.
 6. How the Number System or "Nashville" Number System works and why you would use it over standard charts. I even have a GREAT cheat sheet that will help you identify the chords in your open keys.
 7. Included are 12 professional charts that you would find in today's studios. These specific charts are used as examples as the ebook teaches you this method of playing and reading music.
 8. And much, MUCH more!!!

Now HERE is a GREAT bonus!!!!

As a free gift for buying this E-book, you will also be sent your own user name and password for accessing 100s of my personally assembled chord charts that will help assist you in learning the many popular tunes that I teach on YouTube. The genres range from classic to modern rock, pop, blues and country songs. These "charts" are basic chord outlines that will assist you with my online videos.

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i am wondering the same thing, where do i find the charts

Hi, glad to be back on guitar sage, I missed u all..........

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