News: What Does Music Mean to You?

What Does Music Mean to You?

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When I was a child, somehow I got a hold of an old Bob Dylan greatest hits tape and I played it to death. It kept me company and helped cheer me up on those "bad days". I guess that's what I love most about music... it can inspire your day and mood.

hay i got into music when i was 8 i started playing guitar. what inspired me was my dad playing stairway to heaven for me when i was little and well music saved my life because i was suicidal for a few years after my mom tried to kill herself i was kind of a loser at my school every one made fun of me before they knew me an now i have a lot of friends and a crazy cute girl friend so for those who liked my post ty for those who dont i could care less

Music is is my everyday insperation of life. Allows my mind to blossom and brings joy to my soul.
"Music sweet music I wish I could caress and kiss,kiss" Jimi Hendix

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